Thursday, April 12, 2007

Murphy Lives!

So I finally gave in and decided to buy some furniture, so friends could choose to sit somewhere other than on the floor. After weeks of research and a couple of trips to IKEA, I purchased the stuff and arranged to have it home delivered. Couldn't wait to set it up.
(And you just know that there's a "but" to this story, right?)

Murphy is laughing hysterically from his perch, somewhere. Because

a. Instead of the chair-sized futon I wanted, IKEA sent me (and charged me for) a sofa-sized futon. But just to taunt me, the cover they sent was for a chair-sized mattress.

b. My sofa arrived in three boxes - frame, cushions and cover. But, without hardware, without instructions, and most importantly, without arms or legs. IKEA informs me that "the arms and legs come separately, you have to buy them separately." Naturally. How stupid (slapping side of my head in self-flagellation) of me not to have specified that I'd like the arms and legs with the sofa too, that I don't want to just lean the frame against the wall.



shakester said...

i am frustrated just reading about it...

Arthur said...

And when you call them, there's not even a human being on the line so you can be nasty to them. Sucks.

livinghigh said...

oooooo shucks. :)
so when are they sending the rest? hehehe.
am blogrolling ya, by de way. thanx.

progga said...

Shakey, they finally sent me the missing pieces, so we're all up and functional now!
Art, surprisingly, they were on the phone pretty quickly, no wait time. Can't complain there.
LH, flattered!

vijaydinanathchauhan said...

shubho nababarsha. mone hoye tui orkut e kichhu ekta similar message chherechhis. office theke orkut check kora jaye na.
wishing all the good things for you this year, last year and coming years. take care bebbe.

progga said...

thanks much, bebbe.