Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Home Life

A long day of delayed flights, pointless trips, power outages and cancelled meetings. I arrived at Charlotte at 2:30 and took the 3:10 flight back. One would think that people would wisen up and get generators or something.

Back home, to work for the next couple of hours, while Pollini plays Chopin's Preludes & Etudes just for me.

Meanwhile, here are some pics.


Ricercar said...

awesome ... so nice to have a home to call ur own. it tires u to have been a nomad so long. sometimes it does. sometimes, though, i'm glad

Vanlal said...

At last! Proof that you're still human and need a place to roost! Quite a lovely pied-à-terre.

Sorry for not responding to your IMs.