Tuesday, May 20, 2008

To Life...

To P - my sole remaining reader, the only person who still checks in with this blog from time to time and sends me anguished mail from time to time demanding new posts.

What could be nicer than driving down a highway on a luscious rainy day, listening to one's favourite music, getting off at a new exit to discover a new way home? Finding one's way home to make a mug of hot tea (ginger, pepper, no cardamom) while dancing to Kodachrome? The evening spreads out in front of me like an intriguingly lumpy present, waiting to be unwrapped. There are books to be read, a documentary to be watched, this week's Time and Economist still to open. There is new music (all of Queen, U2, Sting and The Beatles - thank you, R) to catalogue. There is a visit to S this weekend to be savoured.

Suddenly, each moment feels like a gift to treasure and celebrate and dance to, to capture and drink to the lees.

Thank you, P, for reminding me.

And in the spirit of things: it's always exciting to do something new - like go canoing. And if your canoe happens to capsize, so much the better - a little more excitement never hurt anyone, even if you did happen to leave one shoe lying full fathoms five and had to sacrifice a favourite watch to the gods of adventure! To life, to life, lechaim!