Tuesday, May 17, 2005

In Which We See That Experience Is That Thing We Don't Learn From

And learn that things sometimes work out in the end.

My experience with flatmates has always been... well, a little [ imagine Psycho theme here] reeee-reeeee-reeee [Psycho theme over; if you're still hearing it, you've got issues].

So what made me think it would be any different this time? Well, perhaps the fact that I've barely met them, and this is just long-distance communication... And yet, already it's reee-reee-reee. Forcing me (and we're coming now to the crux of the matter) to be witheringly, lifetime-scarringly sarcastic. Screwing up, therefore, my chances of someone finding me a home before I actually move.

I'm almost sorry.

So anyway, what this post hasn't mentioned yet is that social gaffes are no longer an obstacle to winning jobs and influencing employers. A change is as good as a feast, as Margo said! The papers are in, the word is on the street, and there's a spring in my step.



J said...

Funny Girl!

yesbob said...

mumbai still ?
i see you are still reading milne.

Anonymous said...

can somewhat identify with your roommates saga.

BTW, moi your superjunior (is there something like that?)...have linked you on my blog...hope u don't mind


Raccoon said...


and you're already having issues with your prospective flatmates...!!! how didja manage that..!!!:)

progga said...

PS: Thankfully, at this point, I don't think they're prospective flatmates any longer! *phew*

Nitai: I'm honoured. And glad I'm not the only with the dubious distinction of having had strange (read: clinically insane) flatmates!

J: Thank you! I presume you mean funny funny, not funny weird!

Bob: yes, still Mumbai. But not for long. Y tu?

Kraz Arkin said...

Oi Progga, can I borrow that spring when you are done with it?

progga said...

Apna hi spring socho.

And did I tell you about some student of mom's, who wrote that a spring balance is something that's put "in sofa seats, for better seating"? HAR!