Thursday, May 19, 2005

Coffee Spoons

I'm a compulsive list-maker. I make lists of things to buy, to do, to throw away, to return, to get back from borrowers, to see, to remember, to make lists of...

So when it's time to take stock of possessions, contact packers and movers, ship everything off to unsuspecting and long-suffering friends while I traipse around the country a bit, what better way to kick off the process than by making a list? So here's the first list of the process. These are the things with which I've measured out my life over the last two years.

1. Music system, double deck (I still believe in making mixed tapes for people) and Disc-man, 1 of. Somewhat battered from 2 years on campus, but still going strong.

2. DVD player, 1 of. First investment after I started working, shows my priorities.

3. TV, 21 inches, 1 of. Brought home in a cab in the pouring rain, and carried up, pictures taken of it being installed in its new home, the modern day deity indeed!

4. Bean-bag, large, 1 of. Comfort-a-mundo!

5. Books, carton, 1 of. Boasting most volumes of Asterix, Calvin & Hobbes, and the rest, an esoteric, ecclectic collection representing book-buying whims over 2-years.

6. Music, carton, 1 of. Rock mingles with jazz, the blues light up the room, and through all of that, childhood favourites - Boots Randolph, Roger Williams and Disney tunes from The Jungle Book.

7. Lamp, tall, black, with orange shade, 1 of. Casts warm glow in shadowy room. Goes with orange bed-spread from Dilli Haat and rust-coloured curtains. Cosy!

Yep, I think it's a good collection of stuff to set up house with again. Looking forward to making new spaces mine. :)


Anonymous said...

Would there be any, any chance at all of laying my hands on those Asterixes??? Everytime I read em I find a new pun.....:)


progga said...

To take a leaf from Humphrey's page: In the fullness of time. At the right juncture. When the time is right. etc.

warya said...

aww, mixtapes :) i used to have one i imaginatively titled: assorted sad.
saw me through much heartbreak, it did.
new spaces is a good thing, yes?

progga said...

My old favourite is one "assorted slows" - also in sad vein, heartbreak healthcare variety!
And new spaces - always fun. :)

A Cynic in Wonderland said...

messages NOT getting posted! Hmpf!!!!!

p.s.thankee for blogrolling..i would too, if i could in the eternal words of s&g but what to do am tech challenged!

Saltwater Blues said...

howdy progga, followed your link from Cynics blog... cool stuff. Cheers!

Kraz Arkin said...

Can you really make a space your own?

progga said...

Thankee, Salty.
Kraz, that's too deep for a Tuesday morning at work. But the answer to your question is yes. You just gotta know how. Tips available on request. ;)

Kraz Arkin said...

Take a look at -

ubergeek said...

Hi Progga. Any of that stuff that you can't use, please ship it across. Or I'll even come pick it up. Hint - that is how badly I want it.

Kraz Arkin said...

Hey there I hate to do this but you have been tagged. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

So I mailed you....and it bounces back saying mailbox capacity is full or something!! Pls to write to me from appropriate email address.