Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Since last morning, I've been feeling as though all my bodily fluids have turned to phlegm. I'm sneezing 10 times at a time - body-wracking, ribcage-cracking reverberating sneezes that start at my toes and rumble their way up. I spent most of last night awake because I had to keep getting up to blow by doze. And I'm surviving on hot soup and comfort cocoa.

I think this is an allergic reaction to Bombay. To work. To having to wake up in the morning and drag myself onto a train instead of hollering for someone to make me some tea and then going and sitting outside in the morning sunshine while the doggies cavort around me chasing imaginary squirrels and cats, or get me to throw them the ball. To having to sit in an office with no natural light, instead of spending the morning doing The Telegraph Quick Crossword (By arrangement with The Guardian) To getting home when daylight has died.

Livin' la vida loca sounds suspiciously like "Living in the Virar local."

Co-incidence? I think not.


vanlal said...

Sounds like you need a person Friday to wake you and get you bed-tea and wipe your sniffles. What did you expect, Bombayis the armpit of the Universe. Make your pile and leave for more salubrious climes.

progga said...

Ummm... "person" Friday? Man, Vanny, I need a decidedly man Friday!
As to armpits of the universe... don't steal my lines - and that's Delhi!

[Note to Delhi readers: I'm kidding, it's Bombay.]

[Note to Bombay readers: I'm not, it's not.]

As to salubrious climes... well, I'll be leaving for somewhere soon, possibly on a jet plane (though it could also turn out to be a turbo-prop). Watch this space!

Anonymous said...

Long time since I've been here. Hope you're better.


Anonymous said...

These discussions about salubrious climes only get me more hopeful....gimme some news soon. And BTW, someone from Calcutta discussing Bbay being the armpit of the universe is er, funny, to put it mildly.....


A Cynic in Wonderland said...

you do work in my office dont u ..im sure of it. i was being made to take nose drops and throat drops and god-knows-what-else drops becoz i came up with some allergic reacshun too .!

progga said...

OK, here goes:

Kraz, thanks, am better (though still sniffling an sneezing and blowing my nose furiously every 2 minutes - loud enough to startle everyone in office and make them drop what they're doing).

Cynic, how do we figure this whole thing out without giving away our secret identities? Oh, wait, my secret identity is not secret any more, in as much as my name's on this site. So go figure!

N, we shall carry on this discussion when we meet. My view is that you can't know a place without having lived there. Visits don't qualify - you see only the skin, not what's pulsing beneath. Anyway, some night, over coffee... like the go-karting track, remember? :)

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