Friday, September 23, 2005

Life, or Something Very Like It

Conversation 1
B: (to friends at large) Why don't you come over for lunch on Sunday? My cousin (that's me) will cook something.
F-a-L: Sure. We'll be there.

Conversation 2
B: (to other friends at large) Why don't you come over for lunch on Saturday? My cousin (me again) will cook.
F-a-L: Sounds good.

Conversation 3
B: (to her friends-at-large - people I barely know) Have dinner with us on Saturday night. My cousin (by now you know who this is) will cook.
F-a-L: Great.

There's a pattern emerging here, I just know it.


mobius_tripping said...

u beetch!!!

u OFFERED... the first two times at least.. the third time, i was anxious to proudly show off ur cooking skills...

indignant cousin..

nina said...

indignant cuz: and so you proudly chose the evening between the two allegedly offered home-cooked meals...?

set the friends a-chopping and a-stirring, i say!

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Pro-ggya, two options.

1 - Just don't. And when the guests arrive, strop a kitchen knife on the bar-top while making faces like Urmila M in Bhoot
2 - Do. But go for quantity rather than quality. Repeat Step 2 above.



Itineranting said...

EefYancancoook so caneeww!
Incidentally, you cook? I thought you only eat. One lives & learns!

akr said...

classic. I say just make the rice- egg thing you told me about!

Nandu said...

What is this rice-egg thing the shakey talks about?

progga said...

Saturday lunch: Wine, chicken curry and rice.
Saturday dinner: chicken curry, rice and coffee.
Sunday lunch: wine, khau suey.

Am I a god or what?

shakester said...

nandu, this is it

prgga well done! but pray why coffe by night and wine by day? (and are your beer days consigned to storage, and its classy wine now?)

aquietchild said...

good going dear...'keep cooking':)

pujo r shubbecha nish..


progga said...

shakey, beer days are indeed consigned to storage! Except on the occasional Sunday afternoon when the sun is warm on one's back and there's that particular feeling of camaraderie and conversation lingering in the air.

Chiru, thankee! Aapnekeo.

progga said...

The interesting thing about this post is that it caused a storm back home, with B's mum calling her to tell her, "tumi progga ke diye khali ranna korachho?", my mom calling me to tell me, "tumi ranna korte paro?" and B calling me at work to tell me, "you bitch!"