Wednesday, September 07, 2005


1. Toilet paper can scratch your ass raw.

2. Seasons change real quick. One day there's bright sunlight, the next, you remember old geography lessons as you watch the morning light slant across the park.

3. It's dangerous to go within a 1 mile radius of Cheesecake Factory.

4. It's even more dangerous to get caught in a corridor with Cheesecake Factory on one side and Cold Stone Creamery on the other.

5. If you can survive the temptations of the corridor, you will, inevitably, reward yourself by giving in to temptation at the Barnes & Noble at the end of the corridor.

6. Hotel rooms are difficult to keep clean. It's not your's, so you don't care.

7. It's eminently possible to live like a slob for 2 months, washing dishes only when the fungus starts to creep out of the sink and attack books on the counter.

8. American ads really suck.

9. Speaking of which, there seem to be, broadly, 4 categories of products advertised on TV here:

  • Automobiles
  • Telephone network providers
  • Medication (mostly for penile dysfunction and post-partum depression - and you have to wonder about cause-and-effect here)
  • Insurance
10. It's always nice to get a dosa. Even one that costs 4 bucks, USD.


Itineranting said...

P, eww. that DID not project good visuals!!

vanlal said...

You had me at the first one.

ubergeek said...

Sounds pretty much like you are getting "malled" to death ;-)

Ph said...

Which does not explain why I keep tidying up the hotel rooms I stay in. sigh.

progga said...

Ph, you'll be happy to know that I intend to wash dishes, straighten room out, etc., before I check out later today. You are not alone (imagine creepy music here...)

It, look at it as art. Not all art is pleasing to the eye!

yesbob said...

john wayne t.p

Raccoon said...

read up such a huge backlog!!!!!:)
if returning, when are you back??
very interesting read into the life and times of progga s:-)

progga said...

Meanwhile, ps here is wondering about the life and times of ps there. How about an update?

Itineranting said...

Yes, how about?

progga said...

IT, you have only to ask. Your word is my command.