Friday, July 08, 2005

New Mastercard Commercial

OR The story of our weekend in Goa
  • 3 days stay in romantic room in cozy little hotel: Rs. 3600
  • Para-sailing together, high above the world, where only we exist: Rs. 800
  • Food and drink consumed all day, sitting in a shack and running down to gambol in the waves: Rs. 500
  • Having to run, in little blue trunks and tight blue swimsuit, respectively, to the Government Medical College after the waves gamboled with A and dislocated his shoulder: priceless!

GMC Goa, in Bambolin, is unbelievable, and in a good way. It's clean, the doctors (at least those in casualty) are efficient and quick and have a great bedside manner to boot. There's no harassment, even the helper guys - who would be touts in many other places - are helpful. My advice is, if you must have a mild incident that requires casualty medical treatment, do it in Goa. As the T-shirt says, "it's better in Goa."


Kraz Arkin said...

You wont believe this, but we had an emergency dash to the GMC too - for a nose almost broken on a swimming ppol edge after a drunken dive into the shallow end.

vanlal said...

ouch! My condolences to A.
Glad you're enjoying your break. No place like Goa.