Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Days Like This II

1. Spilt water all over pantry floor (including on pants of poor guy who was giving me gyan about cold calling. He stopped.)

2. Spilt coffee on my pristine white shirt. My NEW pristine white shirt that I like so much. Spent about half an hour scrubbing it with handsoap in the pantry, and I suspect the stain hasn't gone - it's just lying there, dormant, until the shirt dries, when it'll resurface with a roar.

3. Boss tells me I have to start cold calling (that awful first step to Sales) on 1st August. 1 full month of cold calling. And I have to have my script ready by next week. And the script is based on the industry, obviously. And I know nothing about the industry I've been assigned, so I have to read up about that... and about the ITES and BPO industries... and about a hundred other things... besides shadowing 2 proposals that are currently on.

When oh when am I going to read Harry Potter? Do my laundry? Learn to drive on the right hand side of the road?

I should have been born rich instead of beautiful!


I came home and spilt orange juice all over my counter.

Some days are just like that.


Heh Heh said...

Heh.. love that last line :)

livinghigh said...

hey progga - love de ways ure days go, babe! hehehe..
and ure campus looks divine, by de way. wat did u study?

progga said...

IIM Kozhikode. The art of management in the heart of god's own country!