Friday, November 05, 2004

What Lies Waiting in Dank, Dark Corners...

Remember my earlier post about the wonders of cleaning?

Well, while cleaning out office space today, in order to move upstairs, I've stumbled upon this hoard of music that I never even knew I had. I mean, I know I had some music downloaded over long hours at the computer centre on campus, and ripped off other campus servers, but not this much. A couple of good CDs seems to have generated 5 more - all of them with great rock!

Nothing accompanies cleaning better than some Springsteen (Dancing in the Dark), Beatles (Strawberry Fields, for crying out loud) and Dylan (Everybody Must Get Stoned - a sentiment I heartily agree with!).

There's a learning to this. Henceforth, all my CDs will be stored in dark drawers and corners of cupboards. I'll never have to buy music again. Hurrah!

More later, from an altogether nicer office with natural light and a view of the sea - and great music!

PS: Coming up: Savage Garden, Cat Stevens, Dire Straits, Edie Brickell. Life couldn't get much better. Despite the blocked and runny nose. Smile. It's a glorious day!


Kraz Arkin said...

Sell the idea on ebay - magic music multiplier, slightly dusty and used, works like magic. And I hope you dont mind me asking but Savage Garden??

Nitid said...

Hi...can I put ur link in my blog? do lemme know.

Cerberus Nathanael said...

Hi there Progga, came across your blog "following a link" from another blog that I had "followed a link" to I think I had "followed a link" to that one too :D Well, I had a similar experience a few weeks ago. I found an MP3 CD that I had long since forgotten about!

An office with a view of the sea... sounds beautiful. Enjoy your new office, and all the best with your climb up the Corporate Staircase!

vijaydinanathchauhan said...

so can you send me all the songs one by one to my gmail account. and in return i will advice you to feed your fever and drown your cold with beer... the colder the better.

progga said...

Only 1 song by Savage Garden: I Want You - or whatever it's called. You know the one - almost rappish, with this frenetic, buoyant beat that totally gets me!