Thursday, May 18, 2006

Days Like This IV

1. Waking up to nasty emails.
2. Rushing through morning ablutions to get to work by 7:30
3. Missing 2 important calls on the way
4. Getting on a series of conference calls that flow into each other
5. Missing lunch, because there's no time to have it
6. For a conference call with an idiot
7. Who loves listening to the sound of his own voice and keeps on talking
8. So that one has to stay connected when one is desparate to take a leak
9. With hours of work still ahead
10. Spilling into offshore working hours

But still, China! Beckons! Woohoo!


Ph said...

Have a grand time. And of course tell us all about it.

ellie said...

Hi Progga:

I sent you an invite to join the workshop via yahoo groups, but the invitation was never accepted. Perhaps it went to the sent folder? Let me know if you get this message please. We've only had 3 assignments, and the 4th was just posted on the blog. Once you accept the invitations you may post to