Wednesday, February 08, 2006

You Know You're Becoming American When...

... Someone asks you how much she has to pay for the gas this month, and you say, "Gas? But we just filled the tank on the way to work."



Arthur Quiller Couch said...

You don't like American? Just list it under "other languages spoken / read / written"

aquietchild said...


i have been plundered with this aphorism. for sometime now.

"When in Rome be like the Romans".

I tried to google its source, its precedents and antecedents. Didnt get.

but some points:

- read this piece

- everybody wants to integrate into a life one lives in, day to day basis. so, if that is what is the immediate solution let it be. have faith, on your INDIANNESS, that it can never go.

As they say in Sanskrit, suddenly i want to go through a rigorous learning course of Sanskrit...

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

bhalo thakish, bindas thakish, circus dekhte, and participate enjoy korte thakish...

and rest, thakur ramkrishno bole gechen bodhoy:

Choroiboti, Choroiboti..


progga said...

AQC, reminded of Henry Higgins in the opening scene of My Fair Lady - "Why, in America, they haven't spoken it for years!"

Chiru, I'm not really concerned about this - the post was meant as a smirk at myself. Guess it didn't quite come across. Oh, well.

shakester said...