Friday, December 02, 2005

So This is Hell

On a hypothetical Friday evening in the hypothetical month of December, a mythical woman sits at her desk at the office, poring over an 80 page document that she must - MUST - (hypothetically, of course) clean up and send out to her hypothetical client.

On page what-feels-like-three-hundred-and-seventeen-and-a-half (hypothetical documents being allowed to have "half" page numbers - though undoubtedly, imaginary numbers might suit them better), she reads the following:

"Hypothetical-company-name follows the above mentioned methodology in general for all application developments and can be further tailor made to suite the specific client requirement, whatever it is. One of such tailored execution approach is depicted below"

Incorrect. What's below is my hypothetical head after I put it through the shredder.


deepa said...

lol. hapless editors of the world unite! we should have a club, it's about time.

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

i have no words... who writes stuff like that?

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Hwot to do, dyaar leddy. "Excreta taurii cerebrum vincit", doncherknow.
(sudden manic gnashing of teeth) I so HATE jargon!


Anonymous said...

Err...did you correct the spelling mistake in 'suite'. LOL...


progga said...

D: problem is, I'm not supposed to be editing this stuff. As in, it should come to me pre-edited. Burdens like heavy on the shoulders of those of us who can do everything better than everyone!

Fiend: who? who? most people on the planet, that's who!

J.A.P.: I have a niggling feeling that I know you. Do I? Few people I know speak (or write) in that particular tongue. (Right eyebrow raised thoughtfully...)

Kraz: Nope. I sink it suites better. (bad, v bad, I know.)