Friday, March 18, 2005


She tosses and turns, awake and uncomfortable. Her head is clear, her eyes tired and dry. She thinks back to the one that got away. Once she marvelled at the way their bodies used to fit together – how she noticed at their first embrace the way they melted into each other - no elbows and knees and chins getting in the way. She has always been able to close her eyes and go back into that embrace, relive it. Today, she can’t summon it up to fill the darkness around with memories. Her body has lost the imprint of that embrace, forgotten how he held her, how he stroked her hair and whispered in her ear. After 7 years, she is free.

But her new story of loss and yearning is only just beginning. How long will it take for her body to forget this one?


Raccoon said...

Love springs at the oddest times
Not necessarily relegated to romantic climes

Looks like the summer's going to be hot and fun
Is there a new story being spun?

Odd, progga, that I also chose to (re)blog a blast from my past at the same time :-)

progga said...

Hi PS.
Nice lines. Yours? Or am I showing myself to be "literarily" challenged?!
To extend what Calvin said, I think the problem with the present is that it keeps turning into the past.

Raccoon said...

I dont blv this!! everybody is asking me these days if I wrote what I wrote...X-(
of course these are my lines X-(. btw I reblogged an entry from another blog I had forgotten I maintained and saw you had posted a comment there too, long back :-)

the future looks all bright and new
inspite of the FY ending playing a havoc or two

fikar not you, about the past
Just go out there and have a blast

mine too