Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Ye Olde Hag

This morning, as I got ready for work, the TV blaring, I happened upon a promo for the Grammy Awards. As soon as the awards were mentioned, I was alert - waiting for the date and time of the telecast, promising myself that I'd watch the awards this time - after year! My mind skipped back several years to the days of Tracy Chapman and George Michael winning awards.

And then, the promo showcased some of the big-time stars who had been nominated. Of whom, I could identify only one name - and that too, because she'd been billed to be "the second Aretha Franklin."

My posture went slack, and I could almost see the grey hair pushing through my scalp, the creases appear on my forehead, the crows' feet next to my eyes.

Gak! (A pointless effort to try to sound young - I feel like an aging con artist.) How did this happen? WHEN did this happen? When did my tastes turn from music to news? How did I get so out of touch that I don't know who USHER is, nor American Idiot (humble, ain't he?). Nor Kanye West, who, Google searches reliably inform me, has been nominated for 10 Grammies. Ten! And I've never heard of him.

So, 28 and popular culture's already passing me by. I think it's time to go back to learning something about the new music that's out there.

For fresh reviews from a new listener, watch this space after the Grammies are telecast.


Kraz Arkin said...

Dont. I dont believe it wil be worth it.

progga said...

Yeah, thought of that. But I'd rather know and abhor than remain in blissful ignorance. Miles Davis by choice, not default.

Nitid said...

Nice to see u back :)) keep posting.

shorbo said...

These are exceptionally bad times for popular music. The 2000s will probably be rated down there with the 80s by music historians. With tired rehashes of old tunes, hip hop, and the pointless 7 string drop-d tuned talentless nu-metal bands of today, believe me when I say that this decade so far looks like it's going to be (mostly) forgettable.

Some of the exceptions from this years winners:

Norah Jones - Ruthlessly overpromoted by papas music business contacts, but apart from that not a bad voice. Diana Krall would kick her ass any day though.

John Mayer - Actually a pretty good guitar player - check him out on the Crossroads festival DVD channeling the spirits of Jimi and SRV - but a total sellout with his (well executed) pop.

Los Lonely Boys - Excellent blues/Rock album in the SRV vein with a Latin touch. Love the album.

Velvet Revolver - Slash is back! Yeah baby! With STPs Scott Weiland - when he's out of rehab that is.

U2 - Ok, they're probably the greatest touring band now. (The Stones are carefully preserved in a maixture of formaldehyde and tequila and don't count)

Rod Stewart - Excuse me - just because you're an aging rock icon does not mean you can sing jazz, Mr. Stewart.

Raccoon said...

oh totally...!!! I felt absolutely the same! why dont they sound interesting anymore?or have we transcended the generation gap?